Start Up Kit Files

The Start-Up Kit Files are being provided to new and existing caravan leaders to be utilized to plan, run, and complete your caravans.  They may be used with non-numbered caravans and for numbered Unit, Region, and National caravans. 

The files in the Start-Up Kit may be downloaded to your computer. To download a file, click on the desired file and it will be downloaded to your computer.

 0.  Start Up Kit Contents 
 1.  Kitty Fee Budget Template
 2.  Instructions for Budget Template
 3.  Application for a Region Caravan Number
 4.  Application for a Unit Caravan Number
 5.  Caravan Data Sheet
 6.  Application to go on a Caravan
 7.  Caravanner Data Sheet
 8.  Authorization Letter to open a Bank Account
 9.  Liability Insurance
10. Sample of Liability Insurance Certificate
11. Financial Reporting Requirements for a Caravan
12. Example of Financial Review Statement
13. Medical Emergency Information
14. Where to Purchase Plaques and Decals
15. Sample Table of Contents for Driver’s Manual
16. Caravan Critique Form
17. GAM for 25 Format
18. GAM for 30 Format
19. GAM for 36 Format
20. Guidelines for Blessings at Meals
21. Caravan Final Report Form
22. Final Report-Income & Expense
23. Final Report Participants
24. Guides for the Maintenance and Repair of Your Airstream