2020 Caravans


2020 Springtime in the Rockies

Start Date: May 21, 2020    Location: Estes Park, CO

Stop Date: June 16, 2020   Location: Gardiner, MT

Total Number of Nights: 26
Number of Stops: 8

Leaders & WBCCI #: Doug & Amanda Hewins 2184
Home Phone: ‭941.228.3070‬
Cell phone: Same as above
Email: doughewins@gmail.com
Mailing address: 6652 E Primrose Dr., U S A F Academy, CO 80840

Co-Leaders & WBCCI #: TBD

Maximum RV Units/With Leader: 24 participant units plus 2 leader units

Kitty Fee w/2: $3,000
Kitty Fee w/1: $2,600
Guest: TBD
Deposit Amount: $400
Dates of Payments
1. Due 5/1/19 — ½ of remainder
2. Due 12/1/19 — final balance due
Cancellation Fee: $100 plus non-refundable deposits for confirmed caravaners prior to Dec. 1, 2019
Leaders discretion for confirmed caravaners on and after Dec. 1, 2019

Caravan Website: rockymountain.wbcci.net

blueCome share in the adventures of traveling through some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, from the summit on Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park, to the beauty of the Garden of the Gods, to stunning Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, to Dinosaur National Monument, to Flaming Gorge, to the majestic Grand Teton National Park and the many splendors of Yellowstone National Park. Be prepared for vistas that will take your breath away – quite literally. We’ll travel at some of the highest elevations possible in North America. Stops in order are: Estes Park, Manitou Springs, Gunnison, Grand Junction, Dinosaur NM, Flaming Gorge, Grand Teton National Park (Colter Bay) and Yellowstone National Park (staying in Gardiner, MT).

Because of the time of year, we could run into snow at any location along our route, with evening temperatures possibly in the low- to mid-30s. Seven of the eight campgrounds have full-service hook-ups or, at a minimum, 30-amp electrical services due to potentially cold evenings. The campground at Dinosaur National Monument, where we’ll stay two nights, has no hook-ups (i.e., dry camping). This location is one of the warmer (and sometimes hot) destinations. Good vehicle/trailer maintenance and appropriate accessories will be important as we traverse and stay at high-elevation campsites.

The route will require driving long distances with steep mountain grades, many switchbacks and high altitudes. Some roads have no guardrails. Your familiarity with your rig and your ability to control it under these driving conditions is critical. This caravan should not be the place to learn.

Campgrounds will range in altitudes from 6,000 to close to 8,000 feet, and with mountain passes and self-guided auto tours as high as 12,000 feet. Anyone with health issues affected by high altitudes should think twice and check with their health-care provider before joining this caravan. In order to gain the most from this caravan, hiking some distances (one to three miles round trip) may be required.

If we haven’t scared you off, come join us in the beautiful Rocky Mountains for a great adventure.

This caravan will end at the northwest corner of Yellowstone National Park on Tuesday, June 16. The 2020 International Rally is being held in Loveland, CO, approximately 680 miles from Gardiner, MT. Driving times to Loveland, CO will be approximately 10 hours based on current navigational apps.

Canadian Rocky Mountain Caravan

Start Date: June 19, 2020   Location: Drumheller, Alberta, Canada

Stop Date: July 7, 2020       Location: Cochrane, Alberta, Canada

Total Number of Nights: 19
Number of Stops: 8

Leaders: Janet & Steve Nentwig #21603
Home phone: 519 442-4544
Cell phone: 519 442-4544
Email: janetnentwig@gmail.com
Mailing address: 36 MacPherson Dr.
Paris, ON
Canada N3L 4C6

Co-Leader & WBCCI #

Maximum RV Units/With Leader: 20

Kitty Fee w/2: $3,600.00 (USD)
Kitty Fee w/1: TBD
Guest: TBD
Deposit Amount: $1,100.00 (USD) Nov. 9, 2019 ($0.00 standby)
Dates of Payments (if applicable)
1. $1,100.00 (USD) January 4, 2020
2. $1,400.00 (USD) March 4, 2020
Cancellation Fee: $100.00 (USD) January 4, 2020
Leaders discretion after January 4, 2020

Caravan Website:

Caravan Number:
Nor by Nor’East

Start Date: July 8, 2020          Location: Ashaway, RI, USA

Stop Date: August 17, 2020    Location: Cornwall, PEI, Canada

Total Number of Nights: 41
Number of Stops: 11

Leaders: Trevor & Gale Lake WBCCI #4688
Home phone: 781-837-2539
Cell phone: 781-264-4550
Email: trevorlake@verizon.net
Mailing address: 315 Oak St., Marshfield, MA 02050

Co-Leader & WBCCI #

Maximum RV Units/With Leader: 26

Kitty Fee w/2: $3,900.00
Kitty Fee w/1: $2,900.00
Guest: $1,000.00
Deposit Amount: $200.00 with application
Dates of Payments (if applicable)
1. 2/1/2020 $800.00
2. 5/1/2020 $2,900.00
Cancellation Fee: $100.00 before 2/1/2020
Leaders discretion after  2/1/2020

Caravan Website: https://norbyne.wbcci.net


The Nor’ By Nor’east National Caravan will begin in southern New England and end in Prince Edward Island, Canada. We begin the caravan in RI and visit nearby Mystic Seaport, CT and Newport, RI.  Plymouth, of course, is steeped in history; the “Plimoth Plantation,” Plymouth Rock, Mayflower II, and the Jenny Museum are among the places we’ll visit.  Boston’s stop is a busy one with 2 days of bus rides from Topsfield into the Capitol. All those sites you’ve read about in history books will be part of our journey. JFK Library, Bunker Hill, Freedom Trail, Faneuil Hall, etc. are just part of what we’ll see.  Continuing up the coastline to an ocean-side campsite in Searsport ME and then nearby Bar Harbor in Trenton will make you a firm believer that Maine is indeed beautiful. We’ll enjoy the Penobscot Marine Museum, Fort Knox and the Penobscot Narrows Observatory and a Food Channel-approved ”Down East Style Lobster Bake”.  We’ll camp nearby FDR’s retreat at Campobello Island in NB, Canada, enjoy “Tea With Eleanor” and then another campsite up the road in Moncton where we will visit Hopewell Cape and see the exaggerated tides of the Bay of Fundy.  Nova Scotia’s 3 stops include campsites that will be home bases so we can travel to Peggy’s Cove, Halifax, Louisbourg, Baddeck and of course the Cabot Trail. We intend to be in NS for 11 days and we will see everything and continue to eat too!  A short trip  across to Prince Edward Island on a ferry and you will think you’re in Heaven. We have plenty of time here for exploring and enjoying some entertainment in Charlottetown, the warm waters along some of the most beautiful beaches, as well as seafood-PEI style. We will have our Farewell Banquet in Charlottetown.