The WBCCI Caravan Committee

The WBCCI Caravan Committee is an International Standing Committee composed of a committee chairman and several subcommittees  and advisors–currently: the Unit, Region and National Caravan Subcommittee; the Caravan Training Subcommittee; the Caravan Publications Subcommittee; the Caravan Printed Promotions Subcommittee; the Caravan Web Master; the Caravan Videographer; and a selected few experienced Caravan Leader Advisors. The chairman of this committee, together with the chairman of each of the subcommittees, and the advisors compose the WBCCI Caravan Committee per se. The WBCCI Executive Committee approves members of this Committee.

General duties of the Caravan Committee are: To foster a continuing interest in National, Region, Unit and Intra-Club Caravans; to administer and approve National, Region, and Intra-Club Caravan programs; to develop and maintain the Caravan Handbook of the International Club; to establish and conduct an annual training program for Caravan participants and Caravan Leaders; to manage and disburse the budget funds of the Caravan Standing Committee in accord with International Policy; to assign the dates and times for Caravan arrivals at International Rallies; to coordinate the itineraries of National Caravans with the dates and locations of National and Special Event rallies thus affording participants in National Caravans the opportunity to attend and support such rallies.