Caravaner Safety Practices

  1. Each member should ensure that his trailer/motorhome, tow vehicle and hitch equipment are always maintained in sound condition. Develop a check list for your rig and use it every time.
  2. Pull trailer onto the parking wedge. Then if something should go wrong, the trailer will roll away from the tow vehicle.
  3. Treat the smell of propane as very dangerous. If you suspect a leak, find it and eliminate it immediately. Locate with soapy water–not a match!
  4. Maintain an even speed when towing on hilly roads. Engine speed drops rapidly. Learn to shift into lower gear before losing too much speed. Otherwise, you may “crawl” over the hill and your tow vehicle will get hot.  Also gear down when going downhill as brakes may get too hot if used excessively.
  5. Use ONLY 3-wire grounded power cords. NEVER use 2-wire cords!
  6. Keep proper polarity. NEVER allow reverse polarity.
  7. Use hoses marked “Safe for drinking water.” NEVER use rubber hose. Proper hose keeps all our water safe and good tasting.
  8. Pull off the highway at first safe turnout to allow back-up traffic to pass. This is a State Law in most states.
  9. Stay within the speed limit and a safe distance behind other traffic. If you are following another Caravanner and can read his numbers, you’re too close!
  10. Carry a fire extinguisher in your Airstream and tow/towed vehicle.
  11. REMOVE detachable mirrors and hitch bar from the hitch receiver as part of unhitching the trailer.