Springtime in the Rockies Caravan


2019 Springtime in the Rockies  (Standby Only)

      See more details at:  https://rockymountain.wbcci.net

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Start Date:  May 23, 2019     Location: Estes Park, CO

Stop Date:  June 17, 2019    Location: Gardiner MT, (North entrance to Yellowstone National Park)

Total Number of Nights:  26

Number of Stops: 8

Leaders:  Bob & Sue Heist #16401

Phone:  home 402-304-1843    cell 402-968-0823

E-Mail:  bobsueheist@gmail.com

Mailing Address:  6401 Rainier Dr, Lincoln, NE 68510

Co Leader:  Doug & Amanda Hewins #2184

Phone:  941-229-3070

E-Mail:  doughewins@gmail.com

Mailing Address:  6652 Primrose Dr. Unit E, USAF Academy, CO 80840

Maximum RV Units/with Leader: 26

Kitty Fee:  w/2- $3,000,   w/1-$2500,   guest: TBD

Deposit: $400 Due with Application

Payments:  ½ of remainder by May 1, 2018,   Final Payment by December 1, 2018

Cancellation Fee:   $100 plus non-refundable deposits for confirmed caravaners prior to December 1, 2018, Leaders discretion after December 1, 2018  

Come share in the adventure of traveling through some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, from the summit on Trailridge Road, to the Beauty of the Garden of the Gods, to the bottom of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, to the Teton Mountains and the geysers of Yellowstone. Be prepared for vistas that will take your breath away, literally. We’ll travel at some of the highest  elevations possible in North America. Stops in order are Estes Park, Manitou Springs, Gunnison, Grand Junction, Dinosaur NM, Flaming Gorge, Grand Tetons and Yellowstone NP

Because of the time of year we could possibly run into snow at any location throughout the caravan with evening temperatures possibly in the lower 30’s. The snow usually doesn’t stick around long since daytime temperatures typically range in the 60’s to 70’s. We are attempting to find campgrounds with full service hookups or at minimum 30 Amp electrical services due to the cold evenings. However, we are planning two (2) days of dry camping close to the Dinosaur National Monument, one of the warmer to potentially hot locations. Good vehicle/trailer maintenance and appropriate accessories will be important due to our planned mountain traversing routes and high elevation camp sites
The route will require driving long distances with steep mountainous grades, many switchbacks and high altitudes. Some roads have no guardrails. Your familiarity with your rig and your ability to control it under these driving conditions is critical. This caravan should not be the place to learn. Campgrounds will range in altitudes from 6000 ft. to close to 8,000 ft. in elevation and with mountain passes and self guided auto tours as high as 12,000 ft. ANYONE with health issues affected by high altitude should think twice and check with their health care provider before joining this caravan. In order to gain the most from this caravan, hiking some distances (one to three miles round trip) may be required. If we haven’t scared you off, come join us in the beautiful Rocky Mountains for a great adventure in Spring 2019.
This caravan will end at Yellowstone on Monday June 17, 2019 with sufficient time for those who would like to attend the WBCCI International Rally at Doswell, VA.