How To Sign Up For A Caravan

To join a caravan please use the following process: 

FIRST, email or call the caravan leaders and express an interest in joining the caravan.

SECOND, The caravan leaders will either:

1) send you their customized application form (which some caravans require) or

2) ask you to complete an online application. The link is posted in the caravan description on this website. See page: (year of caravan)Caravans. i.e.  2020 Caravans .   Note, not all caravans have online applications. 

Caravans often seem to fill very quickly and club members may ask, “How do I get on a caravan when they are booked two years ahead?”

The Answer:  Some caravans only run every other year, therefore are booked two years in advance.  Members may sign up to keep their future options open.  As the caravan start date nears or the first payment is due, plans are finalized and for all kinds of reason (health, family commitments, unforeseen circumstances) members cancel reservations.  That opens up places on every caravan that is marked as “Standby Only”.

For this reason, do not hesitate to add your name to a Standby List.  It is very likely, though not guaranteed, that you will make the caravan list.  Anecdotal evidence says that  members who are 20th or even 35th on the Standby List can be included in the final caravan list.  Generally, no deposit is required to add your name to the standby list.  Just fill out the application form and send it to the caravan leaders.  They will respond and let you know your current status and any changes.  Do let the caravan leaders know if you are available to join their caravan on very short notice.  Often there are last-minute cancellations and members are added within weeks, or even days, of starting the caravan.