Sho-Me the Ozarks Caravan 2020

“Sho-Me the Ozarks 2020” (Standby Only)

Online Caravan Application for Sho-Me the Ozarks

Start Date:  October 1, 2020       Start Location:  Mtn. View, Arkansas
Stop Date: October 30, 2020       Stop Location:  Van Buren, Missouri

Total Number of Nights: 29
Number of Stops:  8

Leaders: R.Jack and Kay Garrett   #4232
Home phone: 417-256-2487
Cell phone: 417-293-2487

Mailing address: R.Jack and Kay Garrett
                             10302 county road 9030
                             West Plains, Mo  65775

Co-Leader & WBCCI #  TBD

Maximum RV Units/With Leader: 25

Kitty Fee w/2: est. $4,000
Kitty Fee w/1: est.  $3,450
Guest: TBD circumstantially
Deposit Amount:  $400
Dates of Payments:
    1st  $1,800 on kitty fee by 1/1/20
    2nd $1,800 balance of kitty fee by 5/1/20
Cancellation Fee: TBD circumstantially                   
Leaders discretion after (date)

Caravan Website:  to be developed

The region of America known as “The Ozarks” is a cultural and geographically distinct area of mountains, valleys and fresh water springs, rivers and lakes which centers in northern Arkansas and south Missouri.  Although educationally and economically progressive the people value and retain the influences of a pioneer heritage.  The caravan leaders’ families were original pioneer settlers who have lived in the same place over 170 years, going to the same school for 7 generations….livestock traders, sheriffs, bootleggers, teachers, lawyers, judges, blacksmiths, merchants, laborers and village characters. You will meet, spend time with, and share stories with local folks.  Beginning in the Ozarks Folk Center you will travel through time and place with sites, events and food not to be missed….concluding with a traditional riverbank fish fry.  Great group meals are a priority, but no food committee.  Expect pig roasts, church dinners on the grounds, Dutch oven cobblers, Amish feasts, ham and beans with cornbread and much more.  While some roads are narrow and twisty the daily trek distances will be short.  Music will abound, from porch fiddles to an internationally famous vocal choir.  Ranger Talk presenters are from a special roster of historians, locals, and conservationists.  You will visit the number one new attraction in the US, Bass-Pro Shops and Aquarium, Laura Ingalls Wilder home and museum, the Daisy museum, Crystal Bridges Art Museum, Silver Dollar City international food, music and craft fair, and much more. See the magnificent fall scenery and nature’s beauty.