Caravan Leading

You may have heard about the new training course created for those interested in the WBCCI caravans.  We all enjoy going on these caravans – if we could only get on one!  “WE NEED YOU!” (I stole that from Uncle Sam!)  Take about 3 hours of your valuable time to take the improved, shorter, digitized training at Region Rallies, Mid-Winter IBT, International, or any place a group expresses interest!  Caravan Leaders will be there to guide you, answer your questions and discuss openly your possibilities or ideas!

Do we need more caravans?  Of course we do!  But in order to fill that need, YOUmay want to get some training to learn how to lead one!  Choose or create a caravan you will be content to lead 2 to 3 times.  Maybe you will like it so well, you’ll want to make adjustments for the next year! Change keeps it fresh and holds your interest as well.  Some leaders take ownership and find different stops (locations) or activities to enhance their adventure. There are many great caravans that have already been planned and run – waiting for someone to pick them up and give new life to them!  Some of these are: Landmarks West, Florida Fantasy, The Wilder West, Polar Bear, and Lewis and Clark.

The training program is video – based including 8 lessons totaling 66 minutes plus time between for questions and answers from any of the leaders present. (Having several leaders there allows you to hear different methods used by leaders!)  The video subjects are: Introduction, Planning, Scouting, Finances-Budget, Finances-Kitty Fee, Finances-on the Caravan, Communication, Promotion, Operation, and Completion. Each person (Unit) is given a packet that contains the script for the videos so participants don’t have to miss anything while taking notes.  Included in the training packet is a “Start-up Kit” providing examples (currently 24 items) of financial and reporting forms as well as other important information needed by leaders.  Some of the items included are: Kitty Fee Budget Template, Authorization Letter for opening a bank account, Where to purchase decals and plaques, financial reporting, Liability insurance, and Final reports.   A critique sheet is also included to give the trainers feedback from each participant, to help him or her improve future training sessions.

The Caravan Handbook is in each packet.  The handbook can also be found here. The “Introduction to the Caravan Leader Training” (located at the top and bottom of this page).  The “Start-up kit”  is here.

In addition to the training and startup kit items, current and past caravan leaders can provide mentoring to new leaders to help them get their caravans developed and operational.  Having an experienced resource to help you with your caravan is very valuable.

Leaders who have led at least 5 caravans are eligible for an 800 series number on their rig.  We are proud of those who take the time and energy to lead.  It is very rewarding!