Richness of Mexico Caravan 2020

“Richness of Mexico”
Online Application for the Richness of Mexico caravan

Start Date: Jan 7, 2020   Start Location: Nogales Arizona
Stop Date: March 17, 2020   Stop Location: Nogales, Arizona

Total Number of Nights: 70
Number of Stops: 20

Leaders: Michel Bourassa  #2568
Home phone: 250 539 3683
Cell phone: 250 661 7200
Mailing address: 145 Winter Cove Rd
                              Saturna Is. BC  V0N 2Y0

Co-Leader & WBCCI #           TBA

Maximum RV Units/With Leader: 13

Kitty Fee w/2: 13,100 CAD (Approx. 9,475 USD as of May 1 2019)
Kitty Fee w/1:
Guest: n/a
Deposit Amount: $1,000 CAD Non refundable.
Dates of Payments:
      June 15 2019 – $6,000 (CAD) Non refundable but transferable
      November15 2019 – $6,000 (CAD) Non refundable but transferable

Richness of Mexico

With the goal of satisfying the Airstreamers’ demands for more, of Mexico, this second 2020 caravan has been custom designed and put together by Caravanas de Mexico, our contractor, with input from WBAC members.

From the time of conquest in 1522 until independence in the 19thCentury Spain enriched itself from exploring Mexico’s riches in minerals, particularly gold and silver, becoming a world power with those riches. However, they didn’t take it all, and left a heritage of culture and architecture   when these are combined with Mexico’s own historical artifacts, buildings and culture, it   makes for a very enriching experience for us, the well travelled Airstream adventurer.

In response to popular demand, a second caravan for the spring of 2020, custom designed and exclusive to the WBAC, is now available for booking.  In keeping with past caravans, it is limited to 12 rigs. Pets are welcome and solo travellers receive a discount.

This caravan highlights the Copper Canyon tour, three days in Mexico City and 3 days in Oaxaca followed by coastal beaches.

We will begin in San Carlos, a nice clean town on the  seaside where we  will be treated to a sealion and dolphin show as well as  getting up close to the only pearl farm in the Sea of Cortes to learn how its done; then  Alamos , an historical silver mining town where we will  explore the old part of the city win the company of Troubadours and Gaspar, the wine toting burro. From the we head west to Huatabampito on the sea and Guaymas. From there, we head of El Fuerte, the beginning of the Copper Canyon railway excursion in our private rail coach. All rigs get left behind for this trip with 24 hr security guaranteeing a worry-free excursion into the mountains, including hotel stays.

Following this we will head for Mazatlán, a beautiful, safe and delightful city on the shores of the Sea of Cortez for a Pulmonia tour, more meals, beach time and explorations in the old town and market. This is the home of the restaurant that has no food!  You shop at the market – Fresh shrimp are a nice choice – then bring your purchases to the restaurant and they cook it for you!

We will visit Durango, Zacatecas, the incomparable Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende and Cuitzeo – all historical cities  built during the colonial period from the wealth generated by the silver mines. In each city there will be tours, special meals and activities, but always, with time to choose our own adventures.

Now off to Tepotzotlan and after leaving our rigs, three days in a hotel just off the city’s main Zocalo (plaza)  where we will be treated  to tours to Teotihuacan – over 2,500 years old, fine dining, the Museo Nacional de Antropologia with its  incredible  collection of Aztec, Zapotec, Olmec – and more –  works of art, and a performance of the renowned National Folkloric Ballet at  Mexico’s National Palace for Fine Arts.

Heading south we visit Oaxaca – a cultural hub of Mexico renowned for its art, food and the amazing the ruins at Monte Alban. It is only to be expected that at this  venue there will be cooking lessons for the  epicurists among us to learn  the art of  fine Mexico food preparation.  Did I forget to write that there will be three or four  opportunities during the trip  to take cooking lessons?! Following this, we will be in Santa Clara del Cobre and Patzcuaro where we will, among many activities visit a coppersmith atelier and learn how beautiful art pieces as well as everyday usable utility pans are fashioned by hand out of copper.A special treat will be visiting Maestro Fidel Cruz and his wife Maria Luisa who will make a presentation of weaving in the traditional way. The Maestro has been internationally recognized for his tapestry. He has also introduced: silk, gold thread and alpaca hair to produce his most exquisite masterpieces.

Within a all these activities we will have time to visit the Herradura Distillery renowned for its tequila; the market at Tlaquepaque that has been in existence in the same location since Aztec times; and the ruins at Guachimontones, and others, as well.

In all, the re are 30 tours with modern buses, 40 meals and all camping fees, museum charges, hotels charges etc.  included in the cost.

PRICE: 2 people:     $ 13,100 CAD* (1 rig, two people)
Sign-up fee:            $   1,000 CAD  NON-REIMBURSABLE / NON-TRANSFERABLE.
First half:               $   6,000 CAD – June 15, 2019. NON-REIMBURSABLE but transferable.
Second half:          $   6,000 CAD – November 15th. 2019. NON-REIMBURSABLE but transferable.
Solo discount:       $ 1,500
*At time of  writing: = 9,624 USD